Wilfred’s Earth Day Message: ‘Don’t Ask Us for Plastic’

Wilfred’s brick-and-mortar store in Batac tells customers that the shop does not use plastic bags for groceries bought at the establishment. The reminder was released on Monday, April 22nd right in time for Earth Day.

In its effort to improve environmental practices, Wilfred’s only reused plastic from its suppliers and never bought them. Today, the store only uses eco-friendly bags made by local manufacturers. While this seems like a small contribution to the environment, the brand believes that utilising reusable bags encourages customers to be mindful of plastic usage.

“We have had a few customers saying “no” to our canvas bags because they are expensive. We always say that we’d like them to have it so they can reuse it for other things later on,” Sigrid Salucop, the owner of Wilfred’s says.

“These bags can be expensive, that is true but this is a small expense when you factor in its positive impact on the environment,” she adds.

A whopping 300 million tons of plastic is produced globally each year, according to a report by the New York Times. “What is most disturbing is it is not recycled. Human beings are wasteful as it were and only 10% of all the plastic that the world produces is recycled. Plastic is quite popular. We have customers asking for them since they are cheap and light. However, the very features that make them popular are the very things that make them problematic,” Salucop comments.

Of the 300 million tons of plastic made available to the world each year, 7 million end up at sea. Although not biodegradable, plastic breaks down to little pieces that can be eaten by marine animals. In the North Pacific, marine life ingest an estimated 24,000 of plastic per annum.

Wilfred’s management encourages its customers to bring their own shopping bags when shopping at the establishment and to not say “no” to the free canvas bags.

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