Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions Page. You can look for answers to said questions below.

Will I receive everything I ordered in one box?

We carry different brands and do not have them all in our warehouse not because we want to inconvenience our customers but because we want to reduce our carbon footprint. Shipping all our products to one warehouse means using more natural resources. We instead have opted to have our suppliers send them to you directly as this is easier for the environment.

However, if everything you bought comes from the Philippine warehouse, it will be sent in one box. To ensure that you get your items in one box, please choose items that are fulfilled by Wilfred's.

Can I order groceries?

If you are currently in the Philippines, you can order groceries from Wilfred’s. However, only dry goods can be shipped to the islands of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

For areas that can be reached by Partas, ordering frozen meat and fish products is possible but the customer will have to buy a styrofoam icebox. We highly discourage this though because we do not want to be selling iceboxes made from styrofoam as they are not biodegradable.

Can I buy frozen items?

Yes, you can except for the ice cream selection. Customers in Batac, Ilocos Norte can order ice cream though. Other frozen goods that can withstand 12 hours of travel in an icebox can be shipped but to Metro Manila, Baguio, and Vigan only or at any point in Luzon that can be reached by Partas.

Do you sell garments, bags, shoes, and other non-grocery products at the physical store?

No. We only sell them online since we have modified the traditional business model to save on overhead costs. It is better not only for us but also for the environment to keep our products in a warehouse abroad. This model also makes it easier for us to send garments and other non-food products to our international customers.

Can you send your wines abroad?

We cannot do this at this time as alcoholic beverage restrictions differ from one destination to the next. For now, our wines are only available in the Philippines.

Can you send wine to Metro Manila?

Basi del Diablo Wines’ customers can buy wine from us and choose the shipping method they are most comfortable with. We can ship through JRS Express to any point in Luzon or send the wines for pick up at any Partas terminal.